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Michigan Bankruptcy Law Firm

What sets my law firm apart from other bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan?

Bankruptcy Experience

For over 20 years and over 10,000 personal bankruptcy cases, I have been helping Michigan consumers by advising them on the alternatives to bankruptcy and, if necessary, helping them navigate through the complicated bankruptcy process. I enjoy helping my clients get that fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy Expertise

My entire practice is devoted to handling only Michigan Consumer bankruptcy cases, making me an exceptional resource and personal advocate for you. As a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney as recognized by the American Board of Certification, I have attained a level of expertise in Bankruptcy law that only a select few Michigan bankruptcy attorneys possess. My knowledge and expertise always results in substantial debt elimination or reductions for my clients that vastly outweigh any sum of money spent on legal fees and filings in a bankruptcy case.

Compassion and understanding with each bankruptcy client

Having represented many close friends and even my own family members through bankruptcy, I personally understand the fear, embarrassment, anger, frustration and anxiety that come when faced with a personal financial crisis. Collection agencies call at all hours and send threatening letters to create those feelings in hopes that you beg, borrow or steal just to get them off your back. Many times, however, you simply cannot pay back these creditors due to what is basically a math problem. There is simply not enough money coming in to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Often this is due to a divorce, injury, illness, or job loss or loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s simply because life is too expensive and the bills simply are out of control. I pride myself in treating each and every one of my clients with the respect and dignity they deserve and look forward to helping them discover a course of action that will permanently stop the harassment and abuse by collection agents who want nothing more than to tear them down.

You and me together will come up with a plan that will get you out of debt and give you a fresh new financial start. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Michigan Debtors’ Rights and Consumer Protection Attorney | Stopping Creditor Harassment in Michigan

Do you get harassing calls from your creditors at all hours of the day and night? Are collection agents calling your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Are your wages being garnished? Has a court officer seized your car due to an unpaid judgment? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I can help put an end to these and all other creditor actions and help you get a permanent fresh start by filing bankruptcy in Michigan. I am board certified in filing consumer bankruptcy cases in Michigan and am dedicated to helping you stop creditor actions. With my help, you can take charge of your debts and put an end to the harassment you and your family are experiencing.

As soon as my office files a bankruptcy on your behalf, your creditors will receive an official notice that a bankruptcy is in effect. Most of the collection agencies and credit card companies find out about your bankruptcy filing the day you file due to advanced electronic notification services, while others will receive a letter from the bankruptcy court. After this notice is received, the bankruptcy automatic stay is put into effect. This is a court order that orders your creditors that they are forbidden to do anything in an attempt to collect the debt you owe them. Actions prohibited by the automatic stay are:

  • Calling your home, family, neighbors or workplace
  • Sending threatening collection letters
  • Continuing to report derogatory remarks on your credit report
  • Foreclosing on your home or repossessing your car
  • Garnishing wages or bank accounts
  • Shutting off utilities
  • Seizing assets such as your car

Contact my office today at 888-777-FILE. I offer a free initial consultation so we can personally discuss your particular financial situation and how a Michigan bankruptcy filing might be right for you.

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