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Why hire Michigan bankruptcy attorney Walter Metzen?

Top 10 Reasons you should only file Bankruptcy with a Michigan Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney like Walter Metzen.

  1. Bankruptcy Experience Counts. The more you do something the better you get at it. I have handled well over 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) personal bankruptcy cases in the Detroit Michigan Bankruptcy Court over my career and file more every day. I have seen just about every type of bankruptcy case come across my desk and have the experience to get you through any obstacle that may stand in your way as your case goes through the bankruptcy Court system.
  2. Bankruptcy Law is complicated. Many new attorneys who just graduated from law school are under the mistaken belief that bankruptcy law is easy and start filing cases with little or no experience, including possibly your case. In an attempt to obtain clients, most of these fledgling attorneys will charge less than an experienced attorney who understands the true time and effort that need to be put into every bankruptcy case to assure its successful transit through the bankruptcy system here in Michigan. You do not want your case to be that test case. I guarantee that it will cost you much more in the long run, including additional court fees, lost time from work for additional appointments or Court hearings and possibly assets lost to the Trustee or creditors. I have seen it many times down at the Detroit Bankruptcy court hearings. Get it done right from the outset. Hire a specialist like myself, who knows what they are doing.
  3. Avoid repeat bankruptcy filings. I’ve seen people hire ineffective and inexperienced bankruptcy attorneys or worse yet, attempt to file bankruptcy on their own which usually results in their case being dismissed for some fundamental mistake and as a result, the debtors end up with multiple bankruptcy filings on their credit report. In reality, you basically have one shot at filing a bankruptcy petition and hopefully you will only file once in your life, so it is important that you get it right from the very start. My office always takes the time up front, before filing the bankruptcy, to analyze your individual financial situation to determine and advise if a bankruptcy filing is the right decision or if there are other alternatives available to you. Then I will advise you which Chapter is best tailored to you individually. Other, inexperienced attorneys or people trying to file on their own, will very often make critical mistakes which result in the bankruptcy case being dismissed requiring a refilling which often will result in limited Court protections. Hire a professional board certified bankruptcy attorney from the very start, to ensure that the job is done right, from the beginning. It will be less stressful, much simpler, less expensive and will require less time off work and will result in a much better outcome every time.
  4. The Bankruptcy Court and US Bankruptcy Code have complicated rules and procedures. A Board Certified Michigan bankruptcy attorney like myself who is familiar with the complicated rules of our local Detroit bankruptcy court will make certain that your Michigan bankruptcy case filing will not be dismissed by the Bankruptcy clerk or court because it doesn’t follow federal bankruptcy procedural rules.
  5. What bankruptcy chapter (7, 13) is the right one for you? If you are contemplating filing an individual bankruptcy (or joint case if you are married and wish to file together) I can explain the pros and cons of each Chapter under the bankruptcy code. Each chapter has certain advantages over the other and my experience with my previous 10,000+ clients that I’ve handled before you will help me advise you which Chapter would be best. Only after a thorough analysis and personal discussion with you where you are given the opportunity to weigh the benefits of each will a decision be made. In most of my cases (approximately 75%) my clients choose to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case which generally wipes out all unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, past due utility bills, car repossessions etc. with the other 25% being Chapter 13.
  6. I am familiar with local court procedures in Detroit Michigan. The law in our United States allows people to represent themselves in our Court system, and this includes bankruptcy court. Thankfully, not many debtors attempt to represent themselves in bankruptcy court because those cases that are filed without the help of a qualified bankruptcy attorney often end horribly. I have spent 20 years studying the particular nuances of the Detroit and Flint Michigan Bankruptcy Court system and can used that career experience to help your case sail smoothly through the system.
  7. I am familiar with our Bankruptcy Judges and US Trustees. In our Detroit Bankruptcy Court which covers all bankruptcy filings from a 13 County wide radius in Michigan, we presently have 5 sitting bankruptcy Judges and about twenty or so bankruptcy Trustees, each and every one of which have their own way of doing things. My office knows what their particular nuances are, and the way they want things done when a case is assigned to them. We have been working with these same players in the bankruptcy system for over twenty years.
  8. Better results. Your goal in bankruptcy is to get a Discharge of your debt. A bankruptcy discharge is a Federal Court Order that permanently eliminates your obligation to repay your debt. You do not have to pay the creditors anymore and that they can never pursue you for collection of this debt, even if later on you become a multi millionaire. If you hire a board certified specialist who is experienced in filing bankruptcy cases in the Michigan bankruptcy courts, you are much more likely to get what you set out for, your bankruptcy case Discharge Order.
  9. Can you file bankruptcy and go to court by yourself? Depending on the Chapter of bankruptcy which you are filing, you could wind up in court before a trustee or judge a number of times in front of many people. Are you comfortable with and knowledgeable of the proper courtroom rules, etiquette and procedures? Most people are terrified at the thought of this and do not wish to go it alone. I guarantee that you will feel much better with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at your side with you at all times.
  10. Can you afford not to hire a Michigan Bankruptcy Specialist? One relatively fundamental mistake in bankruptcy court can have long lasting, permanent serious consequences and could result in losing an asset such as your home, car, entire life savings or your bankruptcy discharge or both. I’ve seen it happen numerous times with clients who represented themselves or hired inexperienced bankruptcy attorneys and later regretted it.
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